Internship: Pathway to hacking a career in Data Science

I remember being told to score high grades and stay ahead of the curve to excel in the competitive world. High grades and good conduct was also a sure fire way to land a great job. But what I wasn’t told is that employers value hands-on experience more than qualifications. That’s where an internship comes […]

15 rules to a career in data science

15 Rules to Becoming a Data Scientist

Bootstrap your journey into data science in 4 months. Who are Data Scientists? They are big data wranglers. Data scientists take an enormous mass of unstructured data and use their formidable skills to clean and organize it. Then they apply all their industry knowledge and contextual understanding to uncover the hidden solutions to business challenges. Organizations […]

Career Transition - From Decision to Determination

Hi folks. I would like take this opportunity to narrate my story about how I switched from pre-sales to being a data scientist. Career transition is an extremely difficult and challenging process. And the idea of facing up to difficulties and accepting challenges makes you a natural front-runner. So if you’re set on a career […]

My findings from interviewing over 2500 data science aspirants

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Being a business acquisition associate at GreyAtom is no mean feat. With the phone ringing off the hook, I am riveted to my ergonomic armchair for a huge chunk of my day. The upside of my role is that I get to speak to people of all stripes […]

Edtech startup GreyAtom raises $1M funding from Pravega Ventures

Ed-tech start up GreyAtom, has raised a $1M funding round led by early-stage fund Pravega Ventures. GreyAtom is a bootcamp style immersive learning program for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. Aspirants learn technologies for future by working on REAL problem statements and datasets from GreyAtom’s industry partners. Learn = Do Real work is their […]

Commit.Live 4.5.0 Update: Smart, Integrated, and Flexible

Greetings data enthusiasts, ML fans, AI geeks, and just about anyone who is courting data science to become their career partner. About a year ago, I began my career at GreyAtom as a product developer. Having spent four years running myself through conventional didactics at a Mumbai-based college, GreyAtom’s goal of providing an alternative to conventional tech […]

Participants of GreyAtom's First Hackathon

GreyAtom’s First Hackathon!

Since the dawn of time and up until 2005, humans generated roughly 130 exabytes of data. By 2015, we generated 7,900 exabytes of data. This figure is estimated to be around 40,000 Exabytes by 2020! It doesn’t take someone special to conclude that, with the inevitable growth of computational power, data generated by humans is […]

Executive Data Science Workshop held by GreyAtom School of Data Science.

Why did GreyAtom create an Executive Data Science Workshop?

A few weeks ago a team of four from GreyAtom, including two founders and a mentor and instructor traveled to London to conduct an executive data science workshop for the Chief Data Officer of a top UK bank and his entire leadership team. This workshop was conducted in parallel with a four-week practitioner level Data Science […]

A candid conversation with Jeyandran Venugopal

In talks with Jeyandran Venugopal, SVP & CTO, Myntra

There is no doubt that eCommerce has changed the scenario of how we trade now. With offline retailers shifting to eCommerce platforms for selling their products, we are quite sure of how the world is moving in a different direction.  Having said that, if we put alongside eCommerce industry now and 5 years before, we […]

Machine Learning applied to reduce Human Trafficking

Machine Learning applied to reduce Human Trafficking

At first, this might appear to be a vague and shocking topic to read about, let alone do an entire top-down analysis on it. Human-trafficking and Data Science? Ok, anything is possible nowadays, but you need data, obviously. Where? I mean, how exactly? Those could be some possible questions that could be bothering you. But […]