Participants of GreyAtom's First Hackathon

GreyAtom's First Hackathon!

Since the dawn of time and up until 2005, humans generated roughly…
A bulb within the clouds. Problems in Indian Engineering

Why the Indian Engineering Education needs a Complete Overhaul?

A wise man once said, “The real process of education should…
Executive Data Science Workshop held by GreyAtom School of Data Science.

Why did GreyAtom create an Executive Data Science Workshop?

A few weeks ago a team of four from GreyAtom, including…
Will AI take over jobs. Myths Debunked. Robot handling humans

Will AI take over Jobs? Myths Debunked

Probably, many people from various technical fields are debating…
A candid conversation with Jeyandran Venugopal

In talks with Jeyandran Venugopal, SVP & CTO, Myntra

There is no doubt that eCommerce has changed the scenario…
Machine Learning applied to reduce Human Trafficking

Machine Learning applied to reduce Human Trafficking

At first, this might appear to be a vague and shocking topic…
Love Data Science Live Data Science

Love Data Science, Live Data Science!

Love Data Science, Live Data Science! I am sure you might be…
7 Mistakes to avoid in Data Science

7 Mistakes to avoid when starting your career in data science

I have interacted with a lot of people wanting to pursue data…
Top most Data Science Recruiters

Top Data Science Recruiters in India

It’s no secret that data science and analytics are the hot-handed…
DataGiri with DJ Patil sponsored by GreyAtom School of Data Science

DataGiri with DJ Patil - Never learn Data Science alone!

A year ago, we started DataGiri as this one crazy experiment…