Program Overview

GreyAtom is focussed on building full stack data scientists and gives you all the tools, techniques, and core concepts needed to make an impact. The program will enable a learner to apply problem-solving and creative thinking to real-world data sets, gaining experience across the entire data science stack.

Program Outcome

  • Build 4 Production Grade Applications.
  • Be fully Industry ready with projects built on REAL data and strong social presence.
  • Become employable from startups to major tech giants.
  • Build great professional network

Topmost Learning Benefits

  • Practice oriented program
  • Access to our campus is 24x7 and even after you graduate
  • Lifetime access to video lectures
  • Re-attend lectures multiple times if concepts not clear.

At GreyAtom, I got the first hand experience of working in a real office, right after college! I loved the daily standups, sprints and the insane pace at which we learned data science

- Prachi


Refresher and Launch

Build strong foundations on statistical concepts, setup machine and tech fundamentals

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Science use cases
  • Setup Commit.Live environment
  • Git Basics
  • Tech Basics

Python and Maths Refresher

Build strong foundations on statistical concepts and perform analysis with real world data sets in python and its associated libraries

  • Python Basics
  • Python Intermediate
  • Python Advanced
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Linear Algebra

Exploratory Data Analysis

Master the art of collecting, extracting, querying, cleaning, and aggregating data for analysis

  • Types of Data
  • Scale
  • Data Sources & Cleaning
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Quality
  • Web Scraping
  • Working with APIs

Regression & Industry Project

Develop a deep understanding on real world applications of Supervised ML algorithms.

  • Linear Regression
  • Cost Function
  • Overfitting & Regularization
  • Polynomial, Ridge and Logistic Regression
  • Optimization Techniques
  • K-fold cross validation
  • Time Series

Decision Trees, Neural Networks & more

Solve real world data science problems on industry data sets using appropriate Supervised ML models and algorithms.

  • CART
  • Conditional Trees
  • Ensemble Techniques
  • K nearest neighbour
  • SVM
  • Neural Networks

Clustering, Dimension Reduction, NLP

Develop a deep understanding on real world applications of Unsupervised ML algorithms.

  • K- Means/ Affinity propagation & mean shift
  • Ward/ Agglomerative clustering/DBSCAN
  • Naive Bayes
  • NLP/ Text Clustering/ NLTK
  • PCA & Dimension reduction

Databases & Big Data Ecosystem

Understand how distributed systems and parallel computing technologies are solving these challenges.

  • Intro to Big Data & Hadoop Ecosystem
  • HDFS architecture/ MapReduce
  • Hive/ HiveQL
  • Pig
  • Spark/ PySPARK
  • Sqoop/ Oozie/ Flume

Storytelling, Dashboarding, Tableau

Effectively tell a story with data, use appropriate data visualization tools to communicate findings.

  • Telling a Story with Data
  • Visual Encoding
  • Design Principles
  • Analytical Tools
  • Tableau/ Bokeh
  • Introduction to D3.js

Building products and their deployment

Productize your data science models. Build a fluid understanding on how to deploy data science products.

  • Data Science sprints
  • Architecting Data Science Systems
  • Model Promotion Criteria
  • Deploying Data Science products
  • Actual Deployment to AWS
  • Parallelization/ Multi-Threading/ Object Orientedness/Documenting Experiments
  • Intro to H2O/ Turi/ Julia

Capstone Project

Work on the final capstone project to apply all the learning throughout the course to demonstrate your fitness as a world class data scientist. Showcase your work to Industry mentors on the Demo Day.

Download the Detailed Syllabus

Elevate your career with GreyAtom Full Stack Data Science Engineering Program

Mentor and Instructors

Mayuresh Shilotri

Mayuresh Shilotri

Shweta Doshi

Shweta Doshi

Career Coach
Divyesh Shah

Divyesh Shah

Shweta Doshi

Deepak Angrula

Shweta Doshi

Bhumil Haria

Shweta Doshi

Soumendra Dhanee

Shweta Doshi

Sidharth Ramachandran

Kunal Singh

Kunal Singh


Enrolling for the GreyAtom course is the best decision I have taken. The collaborative , Immersive learning environment has accelerated my learning

- Harsh

Student Life

8 hours in-Campus

40% - Instructor and demo hours.
60% - Coding hours

Daily Stand Ups

After a 10 minute daily stand up, we'll introduce new concepts.


Enjoy tea-coffee, jenga and foosball break!

Industry Lecture

Gather with your entire class for an evening lecture by industry speaker.

Industry Projects

Predict first international destination for a Tier 2 city customer.


Based on Haptik's conversation dataset, benchmark its sentiment.


Improve the real time visualisation , enabling better & in time decision making


Based on Clevertap dataset , predict which user will uninstall which App next.

Really a great program! There is incredible depth here and everything is explained in a way that is easy to follow, even for subjects I was not familiar with in the past.

- Karishma

Career Services

Count on our career services to work closely with you from day 1 of the program to day 1 of your Job!They will help you identify your strengths and career interests, help you refine your career goals, and identify opportunities for you to connect with hiring partners.

Online Presence

By graduation, you will have a strong, unique Github portfolio, online profiles and a resume that reflects your value in the job market.


Our instructional staff conducts mock interviews, training exercises and role-play sessions designed to help you tackle the job interview.

Student Success Team

Dedicated Team who will ensure to help you with Job search and career opportunities even after the program. Our centre is open for our Alumni 24*7.

Our Tools - Commit.Live

Commit.Live™ is an in-house cloud-based training platform. It measures metrics like code efficiency, logic, speed etc.

Learn by Doing

Commit.Live ™ is an in-house cloud-based training platform. It measures metrics like code efficiency, logic, speed etc.

Build Strong Habits

Interactive, exercise driven chapters and daily assessment in Commit.Live boosts interest and develops discipline over time.

Stuck? Ask Experts

Ask questions, get answers from experts, peers and professionals in forum.

Deep Integration with GitHub

GitHub integration enables Commit.Live to auto-push student assignments to GitHub. This builds a transparent and demonstrable portfolio for prospective employers.

Use Real Data Scientist's Tools

Commit.Live is a custom variant of GitHub’s Atom text editor combined with a fully-configured, virtualized terminal. Students are on the go in minutes.

Build Social Presence

Blog post is mandatory on completion of a module. It provide prospective employers with greater insight into a student’s skills and mentality. Top posts are shared with the DataGiri (Data science community).



Weekdays - 14 Weeks (Classroom)
Monday to Friday

Start Date Location

Weekend - 24 Weeks (Classroom + Live Streaming)
Saturday and Sunday

Start Date Location
28th October 2017 Mumbai


To apply for the Full Stack Data Science Engineering program, you must have

  • A Bachelor’s / Master’s degree (B.E., BCA, MCA, B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D.) in a discipline with a strong quantitative component like Mathematics / Physics / Statistics / Economics
  • Applicants with coding experience will be preferred

Minimum eligibility criteria may be waived for exceptionally qualified candidates.

Admission & Scholarship

How to Apply?

Selection Process

Common Process

  • Upon Review (ensuring your fitment to the Program), you will receive an invitation for personal interview.
  • Personal Interview with a panel comprising of Data Scientist and Full Stack Engineers will assess the candidate.
  • Once basic competence in engineering discipline is assessed, learnability, attitude are tested.

If chosen for Scholarship

  • Applicant need to clear above said process.
  • This would be followed by an interview with our Industry Partner.

Once an approval is received for scholarship from the industry partner, candidates are emailed an admission decision.

Fee Structure

After multiple reviews of the applicant pool, our industry partners have chosen to extend support to GreyAtom's Full Stack Program. Please note, scholarship is for limited students applying for October 2017 batches.

Actual Fee - INR 1,70,000/-

Industry Scholarship upto 40% (INR 68,000/-).
You pay the rest.

Interest Free Instalments
Instalment 1 45% during admission.
Instalment 2 55% within 45 days of batch commencement.

* Instalment percentages are liable to change

Full payment at the time of admission 5%
Referral Bonus Upto INR 3000

(* Terms and Conditions Apply)

* 18% GST tax applicable on all the above fees